Relive videos of the JMT section hike

Day by day

I finished a 13 day section hike from Silver Pass (Rush Creek entry into JMT) to Bishop Pass (LeConte canyon exit out of the JMT). Ten days of this was on the JMT, one day to get into the JMT and two days to exit the JMT.

Here are a collection of maps for the daily hikes.

Day 1

Silver lake to Thousand Island lake

For some reason, my Apple Watch failed to record the GPS co-ordinates today. This GPX was extracted from Garmin Inreach and it is grossly wrong. We 9.45 miles and climbed 3,220 feet that day (according to Apple watch).

The interactive mode feature in is handy.

Day 2

Thousand Island lake to Shadow lake

This was a hot day so we took a 90 minute break at Shadow lake to dip ourselves before continuing to Rosalie lake.

Shadow lake to Rosalie lake

Day 3

Rosalie lake to Red’s meadow

Mostly downhill towards Red’s meadow.

Day 4

Red’s meadow to Duck Creek

Slow long climb to Duck Creek with fantastic views of the Mammoth region.

Day 5

Duck Creek to Squaw Lake

Long slow climb up to Squaw lake.

Day 6

Squaw lake to Mono Creek

Short day because of thunderstorms and we did not want to climb Big Bear switchbacks later in the day. This is the closest exit to VVR.

Day 7

Mono creek to Rose lake inlet

Long brutal day of climbing.

Day 8

Rose lake inlet to MTR

Free fall down to MTR with thunderstorms pushing us hard.

Day 9

MTR to Evolution Creek

Introduction to Kings Canyon and the Gorge.

Day 10

Evolution Creek to Sapphire lake

Evolution valley. Best day of my trip.

Day 11

Sapphire Lake to LeConte Canyon

Exiting Evolution valley through Muir Pass. Oh the views. The downhill from Muir Pass is brutal. At least I was not going in the other way.

Day 12

LeConte Canyon to Upper Ducy Basin

The climb out of LeConte. Goodness.

Day 13

Upper Ducy Basin to South Lake

Up and over Bishop Pass.